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I have been following up with Bitcoin ever since its release in 2009. “What an amazing new revolutionary idea!” I thought to myself, money that was totally out of the control of any State, free from any corruptibility, and the secret weapon needed to fight back against the evil Central Bankers. I had to tread carefully though… I was a Bank employee at that time and the Bitcoin buzz was stirring all through the air at the ICT Department where I spent a lot of my time. There, was a persuasive character back then who managed to convince everyone that it should be ignored since it was, “just a scam” but I always kept it at the back of my mind. I always followed up with it to myself with every new news article that came out about it in the social media, since every time I brought up the subject with someone I would be put down. I finally took the plunge and decided to buy my first coins in the spring of 2013. Bitcoin was USD 100 then. Back then this was considered very expensive and that investors buying had already missed the boat. Wake up people, you will never miss the boat with Bitcoin, it keeps going up in stair-step fashion like the way Lebanese real estate does.

Naturally, after owning the asset.. was it an asset? Digital currency? Was it Money? No one could really define it, or at least it’s definition changed over time.. Some today call it, “Magic internet money.” But anyway, after owning it, my interest in it only grew. Becoming more and more engrossed in it with every new price hike as time passed. News stories from Blockstream about beaming transactions across an orbiting network of geosynchronous Bitcoin satellites further blurred the lines between my fantasy and reality. People we can send Bitcoin transactions across the globe even in the middle of an apocalypse!

Bitcoin transactions can be created totally offline and be broadcast by radio transmission even. Nothing can stop it. It seems every time a bad actor tries to stop Bitcoin it not only fails, but makes it stronger! Bitcoin used a disruptive strategy to come into existence, ensuring that it could further grow and gain support enough to stand on its feet too late for when its enemies realised that simply ignoring it or bad-mouthing it wasn’t going to work for them. Banning it doesn’t work, banning mining it doesn’t work, creating ***tcoins to compete with it even doesn’t work. The facts show that everything they do to try to destroy Bitcoin only makes it stronger. Indeed what we see now is that the bad actors who had been fighting bitcoin have given up trying to beat it and have now joined it, owning their own share of the Bitcoin blockchain real estate, and they are welcome to.

So if you still don’t own any Bitcoin then what are waiting for???

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