How to Transition from 1700s Banking to Modernity

You can deposit your money in Bitcoin, get a crypto card account, and cover all your daily expenses with it except that you’ll be seeing your savings grow with Bitcoin, instead of languishing in plain cash with the severely outdated banking system. You can even earn interest on deposited Bitcoins, although that Bitcoin would be held for you by an exchange, not in your own wallet. Also, many crypto card exchanges offer cashback rewards in crypto, and others even reward in straight Bitcoin!

Consult the “wallet selector” on to choose your recommended wallet that gives you your own private key, to keep the bulk of your coins. Then deposit some Bitcoin into a crypto card to spend. See below a list of crypto card exchanges that can start you off with crypto card spending:

And there are many others, including prepaid crypto cards that can conceal your identity when spending, i.e. Ezzo Card

This is how I transitioned from using technology that hasn’t changed since the 1700s, being fully banked, to not owning a single bank account by keeping all my value under my own control with Bitcoin. Bye bye banks dreaming of robbing my money ever again.

I can cover all my expenses this way and even if the market tanks, value kept in BTC rises back up fast now after a correction.

If this is your first Bitcoin adventure then take lots of time to study all the relevant documentation before transferring funds. Unlike the banking system, your Bitcoin is absolutely under your control with your own private key and all Bitcoin transactions are final, even if sent to wrong addresses.

To your money’s freedom! Because prosperity only ever flourishes where true freedom exists.

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