The Faster we Rid the Earth of these Gargoyles

Hello. Below, is a list of glorified and misguided sociopaths who clearly have wayyyyy too much power on Earth. If their actions leading the world behind the scenes throughout the past decades, has lead to the disastrous fiasco that has been the corona virus release and subsequent actions on their part which have lead to the complete polar opposite of a free and healthy world; these international, all-powerful bullies / death angels deserve nothing less than lifetime imprisonment with hard labour and no possibility of parole or bail. Failing that, simply hanging or firing squadding them all will do the world a whole lot of good and justice.

  • William Gates: Corona vaccine mastermind
  • Anthony Fauci: Enforcer
  • George Soros: Financial ruin mastermind
  • George Bush: Enabler
  • Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: Sudanese genocidist running the WHO
  • Anyone involved in illegal patent #060606 (Corona vaccine)
  • Rothschild & co banking cartel: Grandmasters
  • Larry Fink: Megalomaniac running global hedge funds “Blackrock” and “Vanguard” with controlling shares in all the globe’s corporations using trillions of dollars in assets.

The faster we rid the Earth of these gargoyles, the faster we can get back to living a normal, healthy, and descent lifestyle. Furthermore, the Wuhan lab must be shut down forever.

Surely there are names that I forgot. I will add them when I remember to. You can help too by naming and shaming in comments below

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