“Batphone” Serval Mesh Free Communications App

I present to you the most disruptive little piece of software in the globe’s communications industry. This software is essential to be installed in your phone, The Serval Project‘s mesh Batphone app. You can get it from here: https://apkpure.com/the-serval-mesh/org.servalproject It permits your phone to communicate with others when all communications infrastructure has been taken down… Continue reading “Batphone” Serval Mesh Free Communications App

Quiet People in Meetings Are Incredible

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Knowing when not to talk is an art. Original post by: Tim Denning As a corporate man by day, and an entrepreneur by night, I’ve attended my fair share of meetings over the last decade or so. Meetings can be an odd experience. Before you know it the meeting can get out of control. Leaders… Continue reading Quiet People in Meetings Are Incredible

Figures Don’t Lie, but Liars Figure


What might otherwise have taken decades of incremental depreciation of rights has been accomplished in a very short time.

And just in time, too. For dramatic changes are in store in the form of rule that the country will live under very soon. A litany of new plans has been put forward that will effectively eliminate freedoms of every type.

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: which is safest?

Daniel Agnew | February 17, 2021 05 min read If you use WhatsApp, you may have received a pop-up message on 4 January asking you to accept their new terms and conditions, which involves sharing more of your data with Facebook. It’s proved controversial, with millions of users downloading rival apps Signal and Telegram due… Continue reading WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: which is safest?

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Hello, this is my personal web log where I’ll publish some of the things I think of and work on. I hope you enjoy it.

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