About me

Open source, Linux, Bitcoin.

I’m a middle aged family man who loves reading and writing and is really into computers. I also have a passion for working with and meeting people.

If I leave this world having made a positive contribution to it by the end of my life then I will have considered myself a success.

Let’s build something together

My professional skills and expertise include:

☞ Being involved in Bitcoin since its release in 2009.

Linux server administration: Backup, file, database, web, deepweb, email, nodes, and mining pool server provisioning, installation, configuration and maintenance: since 2015.

WordPress full stack development: WordPress website installation, configuration and maintenance, including front-end UI/UX design and back-end web development: since 2016.

IoT development: IoT / SBC development for many varied use cases, including Bitcoin wallets, nodes, and WiFi-accessable portable web staging areas: since 2017.

Digital marketing: SEO and links exchange for improved Alexa ranking, later, social media marketing and advertising, and community management when it became a thing: since 2003.

Content creation: Feature articles, sound, video and photography production, editing and release: since 2004.

E-commerce: Keyword search, product development, feasibility study, business plan, product creation, payment collection, distribution, and after-sales support: since 2006.

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We have known each other for over 5 years now. Bashir and I are members of the same Bitcoin think tank in Lebanon and I had the pleasure of taking a few seminars with him and seeing how brilliant he is. He is an exceptional learner and his knowledge in the crypto is very extensive.… Continue reading Ali H. Askar

Ali H. Askar Ali H. Askar