E-Waste Recycling

Image credit: UrbanImpact

Ever since being asked to empty out trash from the closet of the former Meditterranean office of a global environmental agency in Beirut, but instead created a whole fully working computer with the industrial trash stored there, complete with screen, graphics, storage, memory, processor, and input devices, our campaigner was very pleasantly shocked with me.

We were taught the three Rs there, “Reduce Reuse Recyle”, to first reduce waste/consumption, then reuse the waste that you can’t reduce, and finally recycle what can’t be reused.

So instead of dedicating your old electronics to the dump where it will be incinerated and release toxic fumes to everyone, I invite everyone to send me for free their old electronics so they can be saved and repurposed and save our environment at the same time, by sending your e-waste to me at:

        Bashir Barrage
        3 Maurice Yameogo St.,
        Accra - Greater Accra,

This way together we can ensure that harmful chemicals will never be released in the air through burning this e-waste.

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