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Install an email service for your website to securely deliver to all your recipients’ inboxes. Anti-virus filter included.


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You will require an email service for your website to be able to send automated emails to your website users. This email server installation ensures all your emails will securely hit your recipients’ inboxes. Anti-virus filter included, scanning all sent and received emails.

The email server is installed with the following features implemented:

✔ MTA and LDA setup
✔ DKIM signing, validating, and in DNS
✔ DMARC validating and in DNS
✔ SPF validating and in DNS
✔ Anti-virus setup
✔ Spam filter setup and tuning
✔ Sieve for server-side filtering
✔ SSL/TLS certificates
✔ Blocklist registrations and removals
✔ Outbound ports configuration
✔ Logging and monitoring
✔ Local reverse DNS resolving
✔ SQL database
✔ Cron jobs
✔ STARTTLS encryption
✔ Configuration for virtual domains, usernames, etc…

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