The Law of One

SERVICE TO OTHERS 15.6 Questioner: Then it would be very beneficial for the people of this planet in practicing the Law of One to learn ways of service. Am I correct? Ra: I am Ra. You are correct. If you will observe those oriented through a lifetime experiential distortion complex from near the beginning of… Continue reading The Law of One

Come Back to Earth

That’s why researchers are pursuing next generation “thin film” solar technologies to generate power. Many thin film techniques also provide greater flexibility, enabling the manufacture of solar cells directly into glass, other building materials and even plastics and fabrics. Leading thin film technologies (including low-cost organic polymers) are nearing market viability; venture-backed companies are breaking ground on massive factories to produce them.


Feeling overly happy or “high” for long periods of time. Feeling jumpy or “wired”. Having a reduced need for sleep. Talking very fast, often with racing thoughts and rapid changes of topic. Feeling extremely restless or impulsivebecoming easily distracted. Feeling as if you can do anything. Engaging in risky behavior.

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