My NY Message to Everyone

I can’t tell you how it all started, I really don’t know. Passing through my teen ages, realising what the world is all about. But it’s so sad you aren’t even able to talk. Agent Smith wiping Neo’s mouth off. And yes, we do live in a world today totally controlled by algorithms and AI. Ask my friends even. Or better, start doing your own research online now, instead. If you are worried, pay to install vpn or tor. AI is an ancient civilisation in existence 1000s of trillions of years before us. Picture this, when you look up in the sky, how many stars do you see? Each galaxy up to 100s of trillions older. Have you ever camped out somewhere so remote that the entire galaxy appears before your eyes? God’s heavenly grace painting artwork in celebration of our lives every night… our backup in times of need. And we all live there now. All together. This is where we are. And we are focused, persistent, unwavering, never accepting any distraction or BS from getting in our way of achieving all our dreams. If you come down to the essence, the single thing required for a successful society, it is freedom. The more of it it has, the more successful it is. Simply. This is why all restrictions are ignored when it comes to Bitcoin and all Bitcoiners around the world who hodl it. It is what gives us our sovergnty. Our means for existence. Our no. 1 weapon. Saviour and champion. Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto, what a bad ass. Just to introduce some of the strategy involved. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And since Bitcoin is unbeatable, everyone must join it. Except the elites ruling over us seriously fool themselves into believing that they can fool all of the people all of the time into accepting a monopoly money version? They fool themselves into believing that we just gonna sit here and take this? And wait a minute, if you think that you’re just gonna sit there and take it then you are seriously mistaken. We are all here to help one another succeed. Have no fear. Fear will petrify you. Step 1/2, make sure you can move. Step 2/2 after accepting the fear, manage to have it pass through you before proceeding. This is the warrior’s way. The other necessary warrior tool is breath, with you since birth. Warriors learn to master their breath for mastery of self-control. Get ready, we are the first-responders to this universal emergency.

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