My Bitcoin Journey

I have been following up with Bitcoin ever since its release in 2009. “What an amazing new revolutionary idea!” I thought to myself, money that was totally out of the control of any State, free from any corruptibility, and the secret weapon needed to fight back against the evil Central Bankers.

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Bob Marley reinterpreted: Into this cold life we come in from the original light source… Layer after layer of light sources. It’s you I’m talking to, yes YOU. Why do you look so sad and forsaken? When one door is closed another is open. Would you let the system get you down again or ever… Continue reading Marley

“Immaculate Conception”

I have been producing digital art since my first interaction with a computer, the 80s Apple Macintosh. This artwork above is the first NFT that I create for sale, representing the â‚ż Immaculate Conception.

How Social Media Resocialised the World

It is high time that these massive tech giants finally get “trust busted”. There was talk coming out of The States about this, but the talk has died down again. We don’t want talk now. We want decisive action for bringing our internet back ASAP.

My Personal Constitution

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If you agree, like me, that each person is entitled to be self-governed, to accept all others in a positive attitude, with a smile, no matter what, and reach out to the opposite as well, no matter if they are your polar opposite, because you learn about your opponent through discussion, small talk, or constant battle with them..

“Building Through Transformation”

PRELUDE: Intergalactic volunteer informer, pilot, and engineer, Airl, crashes overboard while hit by lightning flying over Atlantis, to tell that ancient machine civilization 1000s of trillions of years old claiming 73% control of all universes, but that while we are in this prison planet which actually is protecting us, our souls, he promises they are… Continue reading “Building Through Transformation”

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