Deciphering Infinity

I think I disciphered the infinity “8” symbol. That to continue working towards infinity we must continually be switching between left and right. It’s like what the Korean YinYang ☯️ symbol tries to explain, that there is left in our right and right in our left, two world colliding that could never be torn apart. And, being spiral-like it is continually spinning, hence the continuous switching between left and right.

But can perfection, infinity ever be attained? only continuously strived for through our work?

In retrospect to distribution of consensus protocol, as proved successful by Nakamoto’s immaculate Blockchain conception, maybe a distributed model instead of decentralized, where the nucleous is newly chosen by some algorithm whenever deemed appropriate, is the permanent path to walk.

Would love to hear your opinions in the comments section. Global experts suggesting we continue to move towards distributed, in reflection of Satoshi’s immaculate conception. Watch out, it cannot go past 99%, or else the system turns into an “island”.

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