My Personal Constitution

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If you agree, like me, that each person is entitled to be self-governed, to accept all others in a positive attitude, with a smile, no matter what, and reach out to the opposite as well, no matter if they are your polar opposite, because you learn about your opponent through discussion, small talk, or constant battle with them even. These can be some of the biggest teachers of your opponent, remembering that around 60% of a person’s language passes through their body.

Independent self-governed militias must be guaranteed with complete freedom in society, understanding that they cannot disrespect other’s freedom either. All these are rational and logical, yet with our hearts we feel ethics when interpreting meaning is essential to keep in mind. Showing mutual kindness and respect with your opponent must always be maintained.

When one starts to interpret the world, the environment around oneself, be sure that while following the rules of life, to also carefully test the boundaries to see how powerful you can be as well. So in essence, while Democracy is “The best form of government, except for every other..” perhaps we should be focusing, now with our tech advancements, when we can easily run Perfect Democracies such as what comes close in Switzerland.

Note that each Swiss is required to undergo military training, and trained soldiers take their rifle home with them once finished with training, and I think this is quite essential also.

Ultimately one should strive towards, 1) approaching perfection as closely as one can, 2) make my code of conduct clear, 3) live in a way that ensures self peace of mind, 4) continually train to ensure my defense, the defense of my family, and take care of my health and fitness, 5) promote and facilitate personal evolution of the self and each other, 6) Keep our connection with the Earth since we would like to sustain it eternally, figure out how the Earth system works so we can at least tinker with it.

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