Gelato Parlour Makes Bitcoin History in Ghana

A Lebanese owned, Italian gelato parlour, Pinocchio, in central Accra, Ghana, made the first commercially recorded, retail Bitcoin sale, there.

The dreadlocked haired client making the purchase asked, “How is the rate calculated?”

“We use BTCPay as the payment gateway. It calculates the rate of Ghanaian Cedis to pay in Bitcoin and shows this, including our address to pay to, on a QR code for the client to easily scan on his phone for making the payment.” replied the manager, while presenting on a device. He had asked the client if he would mind being recorded but he refused.

After making the order on the parlour’s cellphone the payment was instantly made. At least Pinocchio made yet another happy customer eating quality, tasty gelato, and paying with Bitcoin.

The instant paymet was made at 10:15pm local time with 0% commission and without any middleman, on Sept 9th, 2022.

That was one small step for Bitcoin, but a huge leap for Ghana. Bitcoin’s status in Ghana is unregulated. Also, sources estimate that there are about 100,000 Bitcoiners in Ghana. Will this first gateway into Ghana open the door for others? Let us know what you think in the comments, below.

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