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“Tools for You to Always Keep What you Earn”
Remember that keeping your private keys accessible only to yourself guarantees your coins for life, no matter what, always verify the addresses to where you send your coins, always remember any passwords that you set, you can also dollar-cost-average, after that you’ll be all set.

Offering to create your e-commerce store selling anything you want online for Bitcoin sent directly into your wallet without ever incurring any incoming transactions charges.

Please see my BTC Web Studio as an example of my work.

Your website will run WordPress with email and a Bitcoin gateway paying directly into your wallet, no incoming fees. You will receive full Bitcoin payments for your products, no payment charges at all.

This is the Combo, including 12 months of domain name registration and hosting, all available at ~14% discount~.

Should you need or choose to, your own, or requested domain name and hosting location / service can be used, or acquired and billed at cost, pending availability.

Contact me for any more info needed to get you started earning Bitcoin from your own website. All the support needed from me is included free with your purchase to get you started off to sovereignly earn Bitcoin!

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